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How will we build the future we want? What are your ideas for radical institutional change? These are the questions the UN is asking in preparation for the Rio+20 Earth Summit in late June. In response to their Future We Want campaign, we’re curating transformative ideas for building a more resilient world. We’ll share some of the ideas we’re cooking up here at Ecotrust, but most of all, we want to hear from you.

We’ll be featuring the best of what you’ve got — winning ideas you’ve put into practice, seen work or heard about from trusted colleagues — on the Ecotrust Blog and on our social networks in the coming months. Email us or message us on Twitter or Facebook. And look for the #futurewewant tag. Building that future starts right here with us, in our own backyards.

Here are a few ideas we’re banking on:

Community-driven fisheries

community fisheriesThe results are in: fisheries around the world are more resilient and create lasting value for fishing communities if local fishermen join in fisheries management. This month, we helped launch the Community Fisheries Network to support local fishermen across the country.

Networks for change

resilient leadersAs our friend Gerald Amos, Haisla First Nation, and chair of the Na na kila Institute, says, “Change only occurs if you can get all the players together, at least having a conversation.” Innovators around the world are combining knowledge, technology, and capital in new ways to confront the challenges of the 21st century. By networking these efforts across the globe, we’ll build real, transformative change. Watch a video of our nascent network for change.

Ecosystem investment strategies

forest investmentWe created one of the world’s first ecosystem investment funds, Ecotrust Forests, to build long-term value for communities — and an alternative to the traditional industrial forestry model — in Pacific North America’s temperate rainforests. Now it’s time to similarly invest in ecosystems everywhere.


Ecotrust’s mission is to foster a natural model of development to create more resilient communities, economies, and ecosystems. Learn more —›


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