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Ecotrust newsletter January 2012

Election battles are brewing across the nation, with ballot lines drawn around economic reform. In Davos, Switzerland, powerbrokers from around the globe gather this week for the annual World Economic Forum. At the top of their list this year: rising inequality, environmental change, and the failures of current institutions to address them. The solution, they say, can be nothing short of a “Great Transformation” of the global economic system.

In this month’s newsletter, we offer three ways you can help Ecotrust build a new economy:



Ecotrust's mission is to innovate, invest, and inspire in ways that create economic opportunity, social equity, and environmental wellbeing.
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The winter 2012 issue of Edible Portland magazine, published by Ecotrust, is out now!

Edible Portland magazine


FEB. 2: Slippery When Wet - Winter Bike Commuting & Maintenance - Free BTA Event

FEB. 8: Native Turtles of Oregon

Ecotrust hosts over 500 meetings, conferences and parties each year in our building. Book your upcoming event with us!

foodhubCast your vote for FoodHub, our innovative online marketplace for regional food buyers in the prestigious Interaction Award, for technologies working to make meaningful connections between people and the products and services they use. full story —›

B corpsLearn more about B corporations, the corporate reform movement that is catching on across the nation. Ecotrust Forest Management (EFM) recently joined the ranks of certified B corps, just as California became the seventh state to pass legislation making “benefit corporations” a new corporate class. full story —›

2011 ILA honoreesNominate someone for the 2012 Indigenous Leadership Award, and help us build a new tribal council to advise our region on a more natural model of development. Ecotrust is pleased to announce the inauguration of a new Indigenous Leadership Council that will bring together the 48 past ILA winners to advise our region on economic and community development along with environmental wellbeing. full story —›

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