Ecotrust newsletter Fall 2010

"Working along with natural principles of development, expansion, sustainability, and correction, people can create economies that are more reliably prosperous than those we have now, and that are also more harmonious with the rest of nature."

Jane Jacobs
The Nature of Economies

Please enjoy this quarterly news update from Ecotrust.

WWRI picWINNERS: Our whole watershed restoration film contest awards $4,100

Cache picBOOK: Our founder's book, Cache: Creating Natural Economies, is nearly here

Real Climate Econ picBLOG: Our Real Climate Economics experts tackle the thorny issues

Indulge picINDULGE: Portland's favorite farm-to-school benefit is this Thursday

E3 picREPORT: Environmental economists consider No State Left Behind

Australia picOZ: Ecotrust Australia is open for business

FoodHubFOODHUB: Our regional food venture serves its second helping

news picNEWS: GMO salmon, restoration, FoodHub, CSAs, Copper River, ecoroof
» NPR on GMO salmon
» OPB on innovation in restoration
» Alaska Dispatch on salmon diversity (op-ed)
» The Oregonian on FoodHub
» Sustainable Business Oregon on our ecoroof and fish CSA research
» Ecotrope on tracking salmon recovery

MarineMap picRESOLVE: MarineMap wins award for innovation in conflict resolution

Give buttonDONATE: Help us innovate, create jobs and protect nature

EP picEDIBLE: The newest edition of Portland's favorite food magazine is here

Reliable Prosperity picRELIABLE: Our one-page map envisions reliable prosperity

salmon picSALMON: Experts track the status of salmon and steelhead recovery

fishing picFAIR: Our how-to paper looks at a fair future for America's ports

ILA09 picINDIGENOUS: Please join us for our annual indigenous leadership ceremony

Living Proof picPROOF: Ecotrust Canada unveils its groundbreaking book, Living Proof

Twitter picSOCIAL: Join us on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

NCC picEVENTS: Join us for great events, or book a fall event with us

Consult picCONSULT: Do you know that we consult? Economic planning, GIS, comms…

Nau logoSHOP: Buy great fall gear from NAU and support Ecotrust

Ecotrope picECOTROPE: We are bioregional, and so is OBP's cool new news service

Red Gold picBEAUTIFUL: If you haven't seen Red Gold yet, please do — it's beautiful

ABOUT ECOTRUST: Ecotrust innovates, invests and inspires in ways that create reliable prosperity. Ecotrust's role is to serve as a think-tank that identifies deep innovation, and then it seeks to turn those ideas into proof-of-concept realities. For nearly 20 years, Ecotrust has used this approach to convert $60 million in grants into more than $300 million in capital for local people, businesses, and organizations from Alaska to California. More on the Web at

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