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Gardner Canal, BC

"These times present a
historic opportunity for change."

Spencer Beebe
Founder, Ecotrust

Please enjoy this quarterly news update from Ecotrust.

Andrew Revkin picREVKIN: On November 10, The New York Times returns to Portland
The nation’s top environment reporter, Andrew Revkin, will give a free lecture organized by Ecotrust, PSU and several others.

Siuslaw picFILM: Restoring whole parts of nature
Ecotrust's latest film short explores the benefits of a holistic approach to restoration, starting right here at home.

Copper River picAUDIO: Stories of the Copper River
Listen to Ecotrust's stories of resilience in the Copper River basin.

windmills picNEWS: Real climate economics, social innovation, fresh food
» The New York Times on Ecotrust and real climate economics
» The New York Times on Ecotrust and environmental markets
» Stanford Social Innovation Review on a nature state of mind
» The Oregonian on dam removal
» The Oregonian on adding fresh food to school lunches

pollution picLEGISLATION: Cap-and-trade or cap-and-dividend?
Our economists help you wade through the Waxman-Markey debate with their latest report.

Twitter picTWITTER: Finally, we get our account back
The nice folks at Twitter restore our account from a squatter. Follow us now @ecotrust.

salmon picSALMON: The first worldwide life-cycle assessment of a food product
Think food miles tell the whole story? Think again. Check out our worldwide life-cycle assessment of Pacific salmon.

fishing boat picOCEANS: Mapping the ocean
In the battle for the world's oceans, new tools from Ecotrust help create jobs and protect sensitive areas.

PP picPERSPECTIVES: People and Place
Follow our web journal online or on Twitter as we take a multimedia, multifaceted look at the social and political climates of climate change.

salmon picCONFERENCE: State of the Salmon
Local researchers, scientists and developers to gather in Portland and discuss the fate of our favorite at-risk fish.

EP picEDIBLE: The fall issue of Portland’s favorite food magazine is here
Explore our region’s bounty in the pages of Edible Portland.

NCC picVENUE: Community grants for 2010
Apply now for a community grant from Ecotrust Event Spaces to local non-profits. Learn more about the program here.

Give buttonGIVE: Help Ecotrust do its work
Support our nonprofit organization as it seeds innovation to create jobs and protect nature.

Clarke & Dawes picFUN: Clarke & Dawe on climate change
Satire duo Clarke & Dawe demonstrate that there’s an unnerving lack of urgency on climate change issues, and it starts at the top of heap.

ABOUT ECOTRUST: Ecotrust's role is to serve as a think-tank that identifies deep innovation, and then it seeks to turn those ideas into proof-of-concept realities. For nearly 20 years, Ecotrust has used this approach to convert $60 million in grants into more than $300 million in capital for local people, businesses, and organizations from Alaska to California. Ecotrust's many innovations include co-founding the world's first environmental bank, starting the world's first ecosystem investment fund, creating a range of programs in the fisheries, forestry, food and farm sectors, and developing new scientific and information tools to improve social, economic and environmental decision-making. Ecotrust works locally in ways that promise hope abroad, and it takes inspiration from the wisdom of Native and First Nations. More on the Web at

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  Photo: Gardner Canal, BC (by Samuel M. Beebe)
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