"Working along with natural principles of development, expansion, sustainability, and correction, people can create economies that are more reliably prosperous than those we have now, and that are also more harmonious with the rest of nature."

Jane Jacobs
The Nature of Economies

Please enjoy this quarterly news update from Ecotrust.

AR09 picREPORT: Our annual look at reliable prosperity
Read the 2009 Ecotrust annual report.

Kitlope picINDIGENOUS:Award nominations now open
The annual Ecotrust Award for Indigenous Leadership recognizes leaders.

wwri picCONTEST: Make a 10-minute Web film, win $1,250
Our whole watershed restoration film contest seeks submissions in two categories: 21-and-over, and 20-and-under. Deadline: July 19.

e3 picICE: What is the value of polar ice?
Our E3 Network economists answer that question, and others.

RJ picOIL: Lessons of Exxon Valdez
Hear our longtime friend and Copper River fisherman RJ Kopchak share his
wisdom about what happens to communities — and fish — after an oil spill.

Ed picTESTIMONY: Ecotrust testifies before Congress
Our two cents on national fisheries policy.

zoning picSEA: A short video on the future of our oceans
Spatial planning is gaining momentum as the most effective means to protect
sensitive marine ecosystems.

ORrecsurvey picSURVEY: Help represent the importance of fishing grounds
If you use the Oregon coast for recreational fishing, please participate in
our online mapping survey.

Dodson picOZ: Ecotrust Australia opens its doors
Sydney Peace Prize winner and indigenous leader Patrick Dodson becomes the
first chair of Ecotrust Australia.

Give buttonDONATE: Make a difference here at home
Give to Ecotrust help seed innovation, create jobs and protect nature.

news picNEWS: Salmon, FoodHub, mapping, carbon
» OPB on fishing for answers
» Fast Company on the most inspiring people in food
» The Oregonian on the state of Pacific salmon (op-ed)
» The Globe and Mail on mapping a vision
» Sustainable Business Oregon on carbon pricing

FoodHubFOODHUB: For buyers and sellers of regional food.
Check out the action.

Forest picCARBON: A sale of forest carbon; a helpful new tool for landowners
Our first carbon credit sale, our first carbon management methodology.

EP picEDIBLE: Give the gift of Portland’s favorite food magazine
Help friends and family explore the region’s bounty with a gift subscription to Edible Portland.

NCC picGRANT: Secure free event space
Apply for a community grant from Ecotrust Event Spaces. Deadline: June 1.

Sundown picCONCERTS: Thursdays in July
Enjoy free outdoor summer concerts in the Ecotrust Parking Lot. Bring your bike, bring your family.

Twitter picSOCIAL: Let’s get connected
Please join us on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Andrew Revkin picREVKIN: Wise words from The New York Times/DotEarth blog curator
Andy returns to Portland to talk about the future of enviro journalism.

FTN buttonCONNECT: For the Next connects people and environmental nonprofits
Here's a new way to help improve the planet.

Brand picTED: Stewart Brand proclaims four environmental 'heresies'
We really like TED. We're guessing that you do, too.

ABOUT ECOTRUST: Ecotrust's role is to serve as a think-tank that identifies deep innovation, and then it seeks to turn those ideas into proof-of-concept realities. For nearly 20 years, Ecotrust has used this approach to convert $60 million in grants into more than $300 million in capital for local people, businesses, and organizations from Alaska to California. Ecotrust's many innovations include co-founding the world's first environmental bank, starting the world's first ecosystem investment fund, creating a range of programs in the fisheries, forestry, food and farm sectors, and developing new scientific and information tools to improve social, economic and environmental decision-making. Ecotrust works locally in ways that promise hope abroad, and it honors and supports the wisdom of Native and First Nation leadership in its work. More on the Web at

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