Ecotrust newsletter Winter 2010

Please enjoy this spring update from Ecotrust.

Age of Ecotrust: 20

Students in schools served by FoodHub: 500,000

Readers of Edible Portland: 75,000

Issue of Edible Portland released last week: 23rd

Users of 851

Fishermen that Ecotrust has interviewed along U.S. West Coast: 2,700

Longest interview: 5 hours

Ratio of salmon to people along:
Bristol Bay 10,000:1 • Skeena River 100:1 • Klamath River 1:1 • Willamette River 1:25

Miles of road decommissioned by Ecotrust's watershed restoration partnership: 188

Miles of stream to be opened to fish by Ecotrust's watershed restoration partnership: 452

Acres of original North American coastal temperate rainforest: 90,000,000

Acres currently managed by Ecotrust Forests: 12,400

Length of 2x4" that would make: 73,000,000 feet

Biological growth in Ecotrust's forestland last year: 8%

LEED-certified green buildings in Portland when Ecotrust’s Natural Capital Center opened: 2

LEED-certified green buildings in Portland today: 123

Kilowatts generated by Ecotrust's solar panels: 69,969

Pounds of CO2 Ecotrust's solar panels have saved: 84,102

Economists in Ecotrust's E3 Network: 230

Indigenous Leadership Award honorees: 43

Tribes represented by those honorees: 37

Consecutive years Charity Navigator has awarded Ecotrust the top four-star rating: 8

Nonprofits rated by Charity Navigator who achieve this distinction: 1%

Charitable giving in 2009 to nonprofits from individuals vs. foundations vs. corporations:
$227.41 billion vs. $38.4 billion vs. $14.1 billion

Number of bands at this year's Sundown at Ecotrust summer concert series: 10

Number of staff in Ecotrust band: 8

Number of practices so far: 9

Date of our big 20th anniversary gathering this fall: 9/10/11

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